The Basics

Lead generation can become a rather complex endeavor but the basic components include your website built on a Content Management Sytem (CMS) such as WordPress, a Client Relationship Manager (CRM), marketing automation tools such as AutopilotHQ or Infusionsoft, outbound marketing applications like MailChimp and an analytics component i.e. Google Analytics.


Content Management Systems (CMS)

There are many options out there to select from but THE most popular CMS in the world is WordPress. Other popular options include platforms such as Drupal and Joomla. Increasingly popular are Saas (Software as a Service) companies like Weebly and SquareSpace.

Why WordPress Crushes Squarespace Every Time


Client Relationship Managers (CRM)

The point of a good CRM is to collect, track and nurture leads as well as keeping in touch with existing and past clients.


Marketing Automation

There are several tools available these days to automate your lead generation efforts. They vary in price, complexity and ability to integrate with other applications. The biggest player is SalesForce but this is more oriented toward medium sizedbusinesses and enterprise ventures. Marketo and Infusionsoft also are in this realm but have some appeal to small business.  Ontraport and AutopilotHQ are the most powerful and affordable tools for small business owners.

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